Sewing in season, sewing down my stash!

The days and weeks following Christmas can leave many people feeling blue. I suppose it’s the natural let-down after all of the anticipation leading up to the holiday. But it’s also a result of the contemplation we often practice during the season . . . reflecting on our blessing and our losses can leave our hearts feeling heavy with joy and sorrow.

When I feel some of that post-Christmas melancholy, I try to “hunker in” in a positive way. One of the ways that I do that is by sewing “in season.”  Winter is really just beginning for us in Minnesota, and it will stick around for a few months.  I might as well embrace the beauty of my snow-covered landscape by starting some Christmas quilts for next year.  (It’s much more fun to play with holiday fabrics in January than it is in July!)

Aren’t these blocks cute?  I made them using my Next Up pattern and some festive fabric from my stash.  Next Up is a quick and easy pattern that is charm pack or layer cake friendly, but you can just as easily sew from your stash by cutting the required number of squares. I’m making great progress.

You may recognize some of the fabrics from previous quilts I’ve made: Wintertide by Janet Clare, Homegrown Holidays by Deb Strain and Winter White by Holly Taylor.  The fussy cut characters at the center of each block are from a Merrily panel (by Gingiber) that I have been saving for two years!

I guess you could say I am doubling my inner joy . . . by sewing in season and sewing down my stash. If you are experiencing a little post-Christmas sadness, I hope this blog post has inspired or cheered you.

Take care of yourselves, my quilting friends!


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12 thoughts on “Sewing in season, sewing down my stash!

    1. Love your style! Just discovered your blog and I am happily reading all I have to catch up on. Thanks so much for the inspiration and motivation to make beautiful quilts.

      1. I am wanting to start making these blocks, but not sure how you cut the gingibear fabric for the centers into squares. I have the same fabric panel and the animal sections are rectangular. Did you cut some of the printed animals off to make squares?

      2. Hi Kelly! Yes, if you’ll notice I had to cut off (or sew over) some of the feet and the top of the penguin’s hat. 🙂 I still think they are super cute, even if their little feet don’t show.

    2. I have a selfish request. Could you suggest fabric that is currently available to purchase that could be substituted in your quilts this year that you are making from your older fabrics stash?

  1. REALLY LOVE the color combo …. And I couldn’t agree more on the hunker-in comment and sewing winter quilts. We just received our first significant snowfall in NE Iowa today with 5” of the really wet & heavy snow. So, I started a Fat Quarter Flourish for myself after gifting 7 tablerunners. Now I want to start something bigger. You really are an inspiration!

    1. Thanks Jean! We got a lot of snow in the last couple of days too. I heard on the news we may even have a record setting December for snow, which would be good for the ground and for the farmers.
      I am so glad to hear you started one for YOU!! After 7 for others, you surely deserve one. Have a great week and Happy 2022!

    1. Thanks Sylvia! It is a fun one, and so quick and easy. Those little characters are smilers!

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