Journeys quilt pattern is ready!

Last October I shared my new Journeys quilt with you, along with the promise that the finished pattern would be ready sometime in 2022. The process to complete a quilt pattern can be slow and tedious . . . designing, writing, testing, sewing, editing, retesting, sewing some more, editing some more, photographing, proofing and editing. I won’t lie, by the end of the process, I really begin to dislike my boss (me). But in the end, when I have an original quilt to share with you, it’s all worth it. The Journeys quilt pattern is officially ready!

You can read all about the Journeys quilt and why it’s so special to me here.

The pattern is available as digital PDF on my Etsy Shop. It’s a great pattern for showcasing a beautiful collection of fat quarters!

Here are some quick facts:

And here are the fabric requirements:

18 fat quarters……… Top & scrappy binding*

Neutral…………………. 3 1/2 yards

Backing………………… 4 3/4 yards

*Binding……………….. 5/8 yard
(If you do not wish to make a scrappy binding from the fat quarter fabric, then you will need 5/8 yard.)

I hate to be a tease, but I made a second sample of Journeys featuring Christmas fabric!  I used the Christmas Morning collection by Lella Boutique, which is gorgeous.  Here’s a sneak peek photo from when I was just getting started.  Once it has been quilted and bound, I’ll share a full reveal.

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26 thoughts on “Journeys quilt pattern is ready!

  1. Tell your “boss” that she did a good job motivating you, and I’ve already bought my copy of the new pattern. It looks really fun to make, and when I saw the Christmas fat quarters, you had me!

  2. Carried Away Quilting has been. Blessing to me! I marvel at your artistic ability to combine fabrics in such a beautiful way! And your math skills are crazy good!!! I love Journeys Quilt! Add it to my make list!

  3. Taunja, You amaze me with your talent and thanks for sharing this gift and thoughts that inspired this gorgeous quilt! I too, stray from blue, but it’s so beautiful, like the sky or the lake that we love. I couldn’t agree with you more on our precious time with our children, Luke is a great quilt holder!

    1. Thanks so much, dear friend! I’m so lucky that you always “get” me and we have so much in common, including great children who mean the world to us!

  4. Gorgeous as always! I keep saying I am NOT purchasing more patterns, but, YOU are making this effort VERY difficult! 🤣

    1. I’m sorry Ruth. Journeys is only available as a PDF pattern. Thank you for your inquiry!

    1. Thank you so much for sharing information about my pattern. That was very kind of you. I really enjoyed your lively Youtube video and subscribed. Isn’t it awesome when quilters find each other? 🙂

  5. I ordered The Journeys Pattern via Etsy yesterday and it has been paid for from my Credit Union Account. There is not a download of the pattern in my Etsy Account and I can’t find it anywhere else. Please send me the pattern or let me know where/how I can download it.

    Patricia Lee

    1. Hello Patricia. I sent you a Convo Message via Etsy. I see your order out there. Please log into your Etsy account where you will find my Convo Message and I can help you out. Thank you!

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