Christmas quilts around the house

Hello quilting friends! I haven’t blogged for nearly a month, and although our conversations are always one-sided (with poor you listening to chatty me), I felt lonesome for my connection with you.  I haven’t done much sewing lately, but I did finish binding a project that I began at fall quilt retreat. I also tossed a few Christmas quilts around the house and snapped some pictures. I bet your homes are absolutely shining with holiday cheer and loveliness! Here’s a little look around my place.

First up is my finished retreat project: a Christmas version of a pattern called Takes the Cake by Thimble Blossoms.  I have admired this pretty pattern for a long time, and I finally tackled it this year. The pattern calls for layer cakes, but I cut from fat quarters that I had in my stash. While the construction of this pattern is simple and Thimble Blossoms’ instructions are clever and well organized, it does take some time to complete this quilt top. There are SO many tiny pieces.  But the end result is well worth it!

This quilt features Christmas prints from several Sweetwater collections, and probably a few other designers’ prints as well. Once again, I’ve used Moda’s Indigo Chambray for my background.  I love blue, so it’s fun to be able to mix that into my Christmas décor. The backing fabric is from Sweetwater’s most recent Christmas collection, Red Barn Christmas.

The darling quilting was done by Katy at Woods Edge Quilting. We used a panto called Modern Twist Unraveled, which Katy also used on my Juniper and Jolly pillows. It’s such a fun design.

We have an odd little alcove in our guest room that I try to make interesting.  If people are staying overnight, I want them to have something pretty to look at when they are lying in bed! I hung a favorite old quilt from a hook, positioned my new Juniper and Jolly pillows, and tucked Luke’s toddler rocker into the scene.  Once I had done that, nostalgia got the better of me and I pulled out the kids’ Christmas books from storage. I may have gotten a bit misty-eyed looking at them. (Because some of you will ask . . . The quilt is several years old, so you probably can’t find the fabric anymore. It was called Countdown to Christmas by Sweetwater. The pattern was from a book by Heather Mulder Peterson called Livin’ Large.)

I met my sweet friend Ibby for a day of shopping recently, and she gave me this darling Christmas mug.  As soon as I got home, I found a spot for it on my desk with my Fat Quarter Flourish mini. This little mug cheers me every single day!

I also finished the binding on a quilt top I sewed last spring. This pattern is called Figgy Pudding by Lella Boutique.  I used Indigo Chambray for the background, and Christmas prints from Sweetwater, Dani Mogstad, Lella Boutique, Kate & Birdie, and Holly Taylor. I didn’t notice until after I took the pictures that I made a mistake on this quilt.  (Check out the black chain of squares in the lower right hand corner.) Oh well! I’m not perfect, so my quilts don’t have to be either.  I think the imperfection makes this quilt even cozier!

Woods Edge Quilting used an oh-so-festive panto called Swirly Snowflakes, which is an awesome design for all of the negative space on the quilt.  The “make do” pieced backing is just that . . . me making do with what I could find in the quilt closet.  Again, I think it adds to the cozy!

I wanted to give a shout out to another Etsy maker, Regina’s Garden.  I ordered this gorgeous wreath from Regina last winter. Regina’s work is top quality . . . beautiful elements arranged so nicely and shipped with the utmost care. Last year I hung the wreath on a door, but this year I’m displaying it from a wreath stand in my dining room. I’m just sharing this with you because I love to support other Etsy makers, just as you have all supported me.

My Christmas Lakeside Star quilt adds a nice pop of color in the background, don’t you think? My dining rooms is a little void of color, so I like to toss a quilt or pillow in the corner now and again.  (In case you are curious, I found the wreath stand at JoAnn fabric.  It is attractive and sturdy, and it was a great price with one of those awesome JoAnn coupons!)

I want to wish you all many blessings, a content heart and time at your sewing machine in the coming weeks. In case I don’t pester you again soon, I hope you have a very Merry Christmas!


9 thoughts on “Christmas quilts around the house

  1. Thank you for the mini Christmas tour of your home. It is very inspiring to see how another quilter decorates with quilts. I too have wreath stands and use them to add another dimension to decorating. Merry Christmas and I look forward to future blogs.

    1. I love seeing how other people decorate and use their quilts too, especially this time of year! Merry Christmas, Marcia!

    1. It is a wonderful season! Even with all of the hurt in the world, there is still so much to be thankful for and so many good people! Merry Christmas to you, Patricia!

  2. Seeing your Lakeside Star Quilt again reminded me how much I loved it done in the Yuletide Gathering fabric, so I had to order both the pattern and fabric today. Hopefully I’ll have it done by next Christmas!

    1. Thanks Jill! I think you will love it! The fabric is SO pretty and the pattern is quick and easy . . . with great impact! Merry Christmas to you!

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