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It’s official.  Quilters aren’t the only ones who experience fabric addiction.  The other night my mom texted me to say that she might take up quilting. It turns out she wasn’t serious about the quilting part, she just wanted a good excuse to buy bundles of the new “Calico Days” fabric by Lori Holt for Riley Blake Designs.  Now that is the sign of a great fabric line, when non-quilters are surfing the internet gazing at pictures of fabric and wondering, “Would it be silly for me to buy that fat quarter bundle just to sit on my end table and look pretty?”  Well the answer is no, that’s not silly at all!

When I got my hands on “Calico Days” a few weeks ago, I posted to Instagram and

Facebook that I was smitten, and I wasn’t kidding.  This fabric just feels like home.  It totally takes me back to hot summer days playing in the hay loft, canning sweet corn with Grandma Audrey, and riding bike down the gravel roads without a care in the world. I’m sure that was the emotional pull for my mom too.  She was likely taken back to her days as a young girl on the farm in South Dakota . . . playing with her brother, doing chores, singing in the pasture.

My mom didn’t give in to her impulse to buy, so I thought I should give her a quick fix of \”Calico Days.\” I whipped up this little mini quilt that I hope brings a smile to her face.  (I know I was smiling like a fool when I was making it.  Too cute!!)  So this is for you . . . my tea drinking, coffee loving, cocoa sipping mom.

The pattern is “Cocoa Cups” from Lori Holt’s book Quilty Fun published by Fat Quarter ShopQuilty Fun is a fabulous book chalk full of fun projects.  The instructions and illustrations are top notch and the photos are so inspiring.  If you don’t own this book yet, please visit Fat Quarter Shop online (click their banner ad in my left sidebar) or contact your local quilt shop for a copy!

The hardest part was choosing only four fabrics!  I\’m glad no one was around to hear me talking to myself.  \”Oh this one is my favorite. No, this denim blue is my favorite. These chicks are so cute. Oh man I love this yellow!\”  

Four little cups . . . oh so cute.  I need to make more!
The red check makes a great binding!

Even the cutting and planning was fun.  I am a big fan of the Fat Quarter Shop\’s \”Alphabitties.\”  They are a great way to keep all your bitsy pieces organized!

Alphabitties . . . so much better than sticky notes!

I have made a small dent into my half yard bundle of “Calico Days” with this cocoa cup project and another small quilt I am saving to show you in a few weeks.  Each time I make the smallest cut, I re-fold the sweet fabric and tuck it back into its basket and look at it for a while, because . . . well . . . that’s what quilters do!

Pieces for another small quilt I will show you in a couple of weeks . . . featuring one of my patterns!
All of my blog sponsors carry “Calico Days.”  These wonderful online shops have great customer service and a real hometown shop feel.  I hope you will visit them soon!  Just click on their banner ads in my left sidebar.

Thanks for stopping by the blog today. I hope 2015 was a blessed year for all of you, and I hope you get carried away quilting often in 2016!


4 thoughts on “Calico Days Cocoa Cups

  1. I just got to see these at my local quilt shop yesterday and you are right, they are so pretty! I didn't know what to choose. I love your mug sampler – so sweet. I love Lori Holt's patterns. They are so easy to follow for this beginner. Here I go adding another pattern book to the collection! Oh, and yes – I will be going back to pick up a collection of this pretty fabric.

  2. Hi Pam! I totally agree with you regarding Lori's patterns. They are awesome! I think this book is a must have. You could make something every month for a year and still have projects to do the next year! You better get back to that quilt shop and pick up your bundle–ha ha!!

  3. I am waiting (im)patiently for my 'calico days' fabric to arrive. Your cup mini is so lovely – I can see how hard it must have been to choose only 4 fabrics :)! Happy New Year to you and yours Taunja!

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